Ethereum community and project reports

We are building EthereumNetwork, a guide for all things Ethereum, from the first encounter to resources for serious development, covering important news, available dapps, meetups and discussion groups, and more. As our tasks and numbers of users are growing, we are looking for motivated people to join the team:

Project database maintainer ($500/month, 10h/week)
Meetup reporter($20/blog post)
Chinese translator ($7/hour)

Project database maintainer ($500/month, 10h/week)

EthereumNetwork is a guide for the Ehtereum blockchain, including the project database ( where people can look up all kinds of Ethereum projects via names, topics, industries in order to use them and connect with the developers. With a click you get a larger info section including pictures and markdown (e.g.

Everyone can suggest new projects via and the pencil symbol allow projects to be edited. Your task would be to find new projects to add to the database, check the suggestions of other users and generally maintain the project database with updates, corrections and improvements of project entries. You can check it out right now to see if you would like to do that.

If you are already following Ethereum via Reddit, Twitter and news websites and generally know what’s going on (which helps a lot for doing this job), you probably know that keeping track of the developments and updates is fun, but can be quite time consuming, too. So the goal is not to catch all projects directly as they get announced, but rather to categorically build up a comprehensive database over time. It should not be a list to brag about how many projects Ethereum has, but rather allow developers, visionaries, investors, and other interested people to find each other.

Here are the instructions for adding or improving projects:

  • Every project that uses Ethereum for something more than just an ICO (e.g. not EOS), but also every private Ethereum blockchain (e.g. Quorum), every exchange trading ether and Ethereum token, every EEA member and its blockchain experiments, every Ethereum hackathon submission, …
  • you can check if a project already exists by typing its name, the search checks every word in the `tags` field
  • that’s why the `tags` field is the most important important one, it’s how people will find this project: Put in the name, in case people are looking directly for the project. Additionally, all tags people might look for and want this project to show up
  • some examples: “energy” for all energy related projects, “prediction market” will show the prediction markets, “augur” will show Augur itself, “exchange portugal” will bring up the exchanges you can use in Portugal, “j.p. morgan” brings up its Quorum project and so on…
  • you can get the `image URL` for the logo from the projects website, twitter, etc…
  • in the `long description` you can let your creativity run wild by using markdown to include links, headers and images. Make it look nice.
  • the `short description` should just be a few descriptive words what the project is
  • the rest of the `contact fields` should be self explanatory
  • if the project had a public announcement or a news site reported about them, link that in the long description

Clicking Save will send them to a DB on the server, so far they will only go into a suggestion list, which I still would have to approve, but if it works out, you can get an account later on to directly add / edit projects

Meetup reporter($20/blog post)

There are many Ethereum meetups around the world, ranging from a few people just meeting for pizza and dev talk to bigger meetups with hundreds of people and big name speakers.

It would be nice to give the them some publicity and let the rest of the world know what is happening in local Ethereum communities. So we joined every Ethereum meetup group on and regularly ask the organizers if they want to write two or three sentences about their last meetup / local community and maybe even send a picture. Usually we focus on the little meetups, as the bigger ones will be covered anyway, as you can see the older blog posts here on

We are looking for someone who would like to take over that task and would pay $20 for each published blog post. You could use my meetup account for contacting the organizers.

Chinese translator ($7/hour)

All content on will also be available in Chinese, switchable by the language symbol in the upper right corner. There will be a much to translate in the beginning, later on the work needed would depend on incoming updates to projects and the website itself. In both cases you would be flexible in your time management and responsible for recording your hours, depending on the work needed and your availability.

Payment and application

The payment would be every week in Ether or in Dai to your Ethereum address. Apply by writing us a short email to with a bit about yourself and why you would be a good fit for one of the tasks.

Extra positions

We are also thinking about hiring a JS developer (NodeJS, VueJS) to help out with coding and someone to pull data from the Ethereum blockchain for visualization charts and reports (e.g. transaction count over time, most used apps, gas prices over time, money spent on cryptokitties, …). But the details are still TBD, so if you’re interested, want to write us with your thoughts on pay and time commitment?